From the village to your house

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My dear!

I really tried to grow healthy vegetables and cook your favorite treats and pickles from them for your health and pleasure! I really want to chat with you and look forward to visiting you! I am sure that the results of my work will please you, because I tried with all my heart!

Your Granny!

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Treat your loved ones with the vegetable delicacies, cooked according to Granny's recipes. 

There is a product to taste for everyone and for different occassions - for lunch, for a warm family dinner, for a lively meal with friends and simply for a quick but healthy snack.

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Our products
All goods N/M
Sweet pepper with eggplants
Vegetables baked in Adjika sauce
Lecho with tomatoes
Baked eggplant paste
Eggplants from the oven
Stewed zucchini and spinach paste
All goods N/M
Beans with forest mushrooms
Beans baked with eggplant
Logistics information
Number of packages in a row (qty) 24
Numer of rows (qty) 5
Number of packages in a pallet (qty) 120
Units per pack (qty) 6
Height of a pallet (m) 0,95
Pallet width (m) 0,80
Length of a pallet (m) 1,2
Weight of a pallet (kg) 610
Volume of a pallet (m3) 0,91
Height of a package (m) 0,16
Width of a package (m) 0,15
Length of a package (m) 0,23
Weight of a package (kg) 2,94
Volume of a package (m3) 0,0055
Diameter of a can (cm) 7,4
Нeight of a can (cm) 16,1